Because the comfort on board is essential


First of all, what are the possibilities of air conditioning, except refresh the atmosphere?

  • Dry the boat by condensation of the humidity of the air on the evaporator.
  • Heat the boat in cold climates by reversing the cycle. (Heat pump mode)

Air conditioning of a super yacht is an essential and complex subject. Many hours of study and testing by engineers and shipyards are necessary in order to satisfy all the needs and requirements of customers.
On a super yacht, everything is luxury and comfort. Nothing should come to disturb this unique experience. That’s why the AirLib solutions are there to make life more comfortable and healthy onboard
We put at your disposal our experience for disinfection and a serious talk with all the necessary safeguards in respect of the customer


Relax and take a deep breath

For boats air-conditioning systems ensure that the captain and crew can enjoy without restriction of time that they spend on board.
Air conditioners reduce the room temperature to a comfortable level, but also reduce the humidity up to a usual and nice value.


  • 100% organic microbiological disinfection has 180 ° c and 8 bars of pressure dry steam
  • Removal of bacteria, allergens and microorganisms
  • Thorough cleaning of the condenser giving an optimum output
  • Cleaning of the fans giving a higher speed of blowing
  • Nettoyage des ventilos donnant une plus grande vitesse de soufflage
  • More great longevity of material and reduction of failures
  • Intervention on site or afloat


  • Better hygiene and air quality
  • Faster warm-up of parts
  • Elimination of bad odors
  • Faster and more efficient Déshudimication

Most of the interviews consist of cleaning the filters and the visible parts.. .but not enough to destroy the germs and bacteria.

Heat out

Great expense on board

  • Condensers
  • Fans
  • Condensate trays
  • Blowing duct
  • Grilles supply and recovery
  • Kitchens (hoods, pianos, work plans, ovens)

When you perform the disinfection of your air conditioning yourself, the task is not necessarily performed with the right tools. Prefer to hire a professional of disinfection of air conditioning. It will have the special tools. Able to make a professional analysis, it will provide you a free audit of your facilities and a free quote for disinfection before any operations. Call a professional to disinfect your facility is a result of warranty, you will definitely spend more time searching for the right screwdriver and good disinfectant on the internet rather than  a simple phone call to a professional.

Feel free to contact us and make an appointment with a specialist in disinfection of air conditioning.

Also look at this short video of disinfecting air conditioning on board a pleasure yacht