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Désinfection de climatisation BIO

Our Process

steambio_3000petiteA steam dryer disinfection :

Steam under a pressure high temperature (8 bar and 356 ° F) 100% organic product without any detergent steam disinfects by killing bacteria, microorganisms and mites. By this action, steam cleaning neutralizes odors . Disinfecting steam also protects you from allergens and microorganisms sources of many diseases.


Application areas :

  • Conditioners
  • Air handler (CTA)
  • Split system
  • Fan coil
  • Heat pump (PAC)
  • Fins
  • Condensers
  • Evaporators
  • Condensate trays
  • Pipes of the air conditioner
  • Air filters
  • Exhaust ducts
  • Air vents


For hygienic or aesthetic reasons , we clean as often as necessary our domestic environment : floors, kitchen utensils, towels , sanitary … or our cars , terraces, gardens … For lack of information , however, we neglect the hidden place but probably the most contaminated in our homes or offices AIR CONDITIONING

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