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Why the cleaning and disinfection of air conditioning by dry steam ?


  • The use of dry steam at 180 ° C associated with a pressure of 8 bar is used to :

– Dissolve fat
– Loosen dirt
– Destroy microorganisms

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The importance of disinfection of air conditioners ?

Air conditioning ensures a thermal comfort in buildings but it is also a source of health , environmental and economic problems. The onset of many diseases and energy consumption can be the consequence of a lack or poor maintenance of air conditioning systems . 98% of air conditioners are dangerously contaminated despite maintenance contracts ! Hotels , clinics, hospitals , restaurants , schools, kindergartens , shops, etc … The air conditioning does not make sick, but fouling can!

What are the results of a poor maintenance ?

purification-air-cov     The risk of infection

Rhinitis, asthma , skin dryness , headaches , dry throat, mushrooms , Legionella and other bacteria and potentially very dangerous virus for your health! Some studies estimate that 37% stops diseases are caused by poor maintenance of air conditioning and ventilation systems.
 process-ico02 Economic risks

An air conditioner consumes a lot of energy. average talking 5% of the electricity consumption dedicated to cooling the air conditioner manufacturers estimate that 8 grams of dust can induce energy consumption by 25 to 30% extra . Dust also promotes premature wear of the air conditioner
Remember: contamination by microorganisms or heavy contamination of the air conditioning system can have a significant impact on the health of people in their home or in their workplace.




Law Project

N° 1873
Impose a control filters of the evaporator, the turbine, the condensate tray , but also ventilation ducts by a fungal decontamination technology , bactericidal and virucidal .
Article: Every owner of an air conditioning system or reversible heat pump , and more generally to all air conditioning systems must maintain and control its operation by any means every two years . The proof of this interview should be kept available to anyone likely to frequent places .
© National Assembly



An analysis is made by professionals



Before intervention :

1. Measure the airflow
2. temperature measurement
3. measurement of fine particles
4. measurement of volatile compounds
5. levels of carbon dioxide
6. Dismantling and photo shoots
Cleaning and disinfection of the unit ( evaporator , filters, turbine condensate tray … ) operative time 1 to 2 hours depending on the state
After the intervention :

– Recovery measures
– Pictures taken
– Establishing a comprehensive report

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Poor maintenance of your CMV

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Degradation of your home :                                                                                                     

When the vents are clogged or dirty, the air exchange becomes more difficult and moisture takes place in buildings. This can lead to mold, delamination of the wallcovering or paint blistering. Molds appear irremediably.                           

Loss of your comfort:                                                                                                                                    

The particles that stick to the walls of your CMV cause bad odors . They are then all the more difficult to remove your CMV does not operate normally . Moreover, the malfunction of your VMC due to lack of maintenance leads to increased air speed in ducts , resulting in a fast unbearable noise.

Risks hygiene and health :

The particles and fats stored in your VMC quickly become a favorite place for the development of microorganisms. There is then the risk of contamination , allergies, respiratory and asthma. VMC a poorly maintained network can also cause irritation of the throat, unpleasant sensations of moisture …

Financial loss :

A poorly maintained VMC can be the cause of increasing your energy bill. Regular maintenance can prevent the complete change of all your exhaust and air intake system.



Reminder of the regulations vmc

1 : for the employer obligation to respect Article R4222 / 4412/4722 / 4724 of the Labour Code
2 : for the headmaster must verify that the installation is adapted to the planned activity and what makes a good air extraction must maintain air ventilation systems in good working order and regular monitoring
3 : for the collective Article 101 of the Decree of 31 January 1986 mandates the maintenance of facilities1 annually for public housing




In the catering sector , it is mandatory to ensure the consumption of healthy foods to maintain clean and sanitary premises. To ensure regulatory food hygiene , use of effective cleaning protocol and adapted to the fight against the proliferation of microorganisms and pathogens in general.


The restoration is subjected to frequent hygienic controls we offer our services disinfection of premises and equipment




Reminder regulation

Ministerial Decree of 9 May 1995 Regulating food hygiene delivered directly to the consumer
(Official Journal of 16 May 1995, page 8219)
Article 3

  • 1. The premises referred to in this title shall be clean and in good repair. They must not cause, by activities in connection therewith a risk of food contamination.
  • 2. By their design, their size, their construction and layout, these premises should allow the implementation of good hygiene practices, including:
    • a) prevent cross-contamination between and during operations by foodstuffs, equipment, materials, water, aeration, personnel and external sources of contamination such as insects and other animals; can be cleaned and / or disinfected effectively.
    • b) be aerated and ventilated to allow humidity ensuring control of condensation or avoid persistent odors. If necessary, ventilation or air conditioning systems should not be a source of contamination of food and be designed to allow easy access to filters and other parts requiring cleaning or replacement.

Article 27

For the purposes of this Order the heads of institutions mentioned in Article 1 may refer to a guide of good hygienic practices validated in accordance with the procedure published in the Official Journal of the French Republic on 24 November 1993. In all areas such a guide was developed, the competent authorities shall take into account the application by the institutions concerned for the organization and the frequency of monitoring compliance with the provisions of this order.